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Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, To The Ultimate Freak Show!

A lovely and sassy young lady, who hides a horrendous secret... A Master of Dimensions, a pleaser of crowds, and in addition, destroyer of all worlds! ...Who would've thought such a wicked couple could be so perfect?


Welcome! This group is dedicated to a famous fan-couple, Dimentio and Mimi, from the (Super)Paper Mario series.

Joining Process:
You should already know this by now, but simply press the Join Group button. We don't judge our members by artistic ability, so knock yourselves out!


Rules are the same as every other group's. No dissing other members and absolutely NO. ART THEFT. ALLOWED. Everything you submit must be made by you. (Unless, of course, it's a collaboration.)

Your artwork must feature Dimentio and Mimi as the main subject. Which means, no artwork without a reasonable amount of purple and green is allowed. Yes, we will accept deviations featuring just Dimentio or just Mimi, but please don't abuse of this "freedom".

Please, non-members, do not leave nasty comments if you don't like or agree with this couple.

Contests are just for fun, so chill.

*Points will NOT be given out as prizes UNLESS a member feels the need to donate points as a prize.

Anyone can volunteer to judge for a contest or donate prizes.
Seriously, participants are good and all but we DO need judges and helpers! All volunteers will be paid 10 Rubees per hour for working on the generators as well.
But that's a secret!





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This journal is entirely dedicated to news about the group.


Back From The Shadows!

The group is alive once more! We will be holding a contest very soon. So stay tuned! [3/27/13]



...Needs more activity.Are any of the admins alive anyway?I sure hope so.I was thinking this group looked sort of empty, and dead.And that CANNOT BE u.u
If anything happens, I was thinking about maybe holding a contest as an apology for the lack of activity?I don't know.You guys, tell me o: [7/18/12]


Scary Love Winners!

Congratulations to the winners!  You can view the winners here! [12/10/10]
The past contest winners are featured in this journal. What an honor! :D

"DiMimi Christmas" Contest

With Mimi's Christmas Wish part 1|part 2

"Summer Loving" Contest
With I love...

"Scary Love" Contest
With Sweet Candy Night


Those with a :trophy: have won 2nd or 3rd place in previous contests.
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Mimi's Quest Chapter 6
― “Why...”
He sighed.
― “Why did he killed him...”
The Count looked quite angry.  Well he guessed he had good reasons.  After all, what honour was there in been in prison?
― “I don't understand...” she cried, holding the little daffodil in her small fingers.
Even if he was innocent, even if they could prove that he just... checked that the knight was still alive, explaining the presence of the blood on his hands, as the man was clearly kill by a sword, and not with his magic, that was totally different ― if it wanted blood, he would take the heart with his life.  Even if he could leave the prison... he had no interest in it at all.
― “Sir Frederich... Even... so...”
She wanted him dead.  Why would he leave this place?  It was much more safer here than home.  This place was heaven next to the Underwhere.  Oh... Maybe Jaydes wouldn't be so harsh this
:iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 8 63
Mimi's Quest Chapter 5
«Dear O'Chunks,
I stole your friend.
Yours truly, Sir Lettuce.
PS : Evil Laughter.
― “Um, O'Chunks? I think it's a fake...” said Nastasia as she finished reading the letter that the warrior had on his bed, this morning. “And seriously, even if it lacks words, it just sounds like Dim―”
― “T'e lettuce stole my friend, I gotta go save 'im!”
― “... 'K, so which friend of yours has disappeared?”
The warrior scratched his head, as Mimi was trying to kill the jester a little away.
― “Er...”
― “The Count and his wife are taking their breakfast.”
― “Er... Alroig't, maybe yer roig't! Dimentio!”
― “What?” asked the magician as he pushed the witch away.
― “Are ye t'e one w'o wrote tis?”
― “No.” he replied, as he dodged a rubee.
― “Lies!”
― “Why would I write you a letter when I can write in your
:iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 7 32
Mimi's Quest Chapter 4
He couldn't understand.  There was nothing to understand to all of this pitiful story.  So pathetic...
But who was pathetic, he could hear her saying.  Her...  All three girls he dared to say.  Oh yes, he could see the three of them, giggling (even if it wasn't in Nastasia's personality) around him, laughing at his incomprehension...  After all, they did past all the last weeks laughing each time they saw him.  Though for Mimi, he believed that she was giggling all the time, because of her stupid knight. “Oh he did this tee hee and he did that tee hee!” Worse than a Mario's fangirl...  He was getting insane with all this matter...
He just... couldn't understand.
― “Hn?” did O'Chunks, in pyjamas, as he passed before Dimentio's room.  Wasn't quite his habit to stay on the floor, and it wasn't much more his to look outside through his window, standing in that way. 
:iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 10 5
Mimi's Quest Chapter 3
Ah... The deep abyss of slumber...  Too bad that it was such an epiphany, though.  Beautiful dreamless sleep...  That doesn't happen much, lately.  Yes, especially these last days. Ephemeral solitude... Where memories and worries would be sealed away into time and reality, where only darkness would embrace him.  Such a pity death wasn't like that, isn't it?  Peaceful, quiet, serene...  but we all know that this can't be eternal.  No.  In the deepest of the abyss, there would always be a faint light to break the silence, to kill the still, and then, you wake up.  Death, Hell, was that.  A place were you have no sleep.  No peace at all.  Just a big painful headache.
A big... painful.... headache.
― “Ugh!” he cried, as the little green haired girl jump on him, squeezing his neck with her little so
:iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 13 56
Mimi's Quest Chapter 2
She was furious!  She couldn't believe that people talked to her like that!  She couldn't even believe that people like that existed!  She couldn't believe that there was worse than O'Chunks, that big ugly moron!  Oh, she swear, that Scottish warrior was such a cuddly teddy bear next to these idiots!  Oh, now she was so grateful to him to have made the decision to take at least one shower per three days, even if it was only to please Nassy!  Oh, well, she guessed she had to be grateful for him to be in love with the secretary, or for that woman to exist...  But still!  How could these guys expect girls to fall in love with them?  No girls would fall in love with their green teeth, or their greasy hair!  And who told them that girls fall for “Hey babe, you're so hot, I'm sweating for you!” or whatever they told her!  No!  Girls like poems, similes, romantic s
:iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 11 29
Mimi's Quest Chapter 1
She would be in a long flowing pure white dress, of rich light silk, letting her soft shoulders naked, as she would walk to him under the long snowy veil, with little red pearls all around her, and beautiful silver ribbons.  With long white gloves, holding a pretty bouquet of crimson flowers, she would reach her lover with a small smile, looking at him in a shy way, and he would kindly smile to her, in a warm way, trying to touch her face but holding back, as he would know how to wait.  They would gaze at each other, not listening to the priest, as the time would stop for both of them, and even so, they wouldn't have enough to look at each other.  He would take the veil slowly, like if it was of porcelain, like if it was a piece of her, then after pushing it back gently behind her loose hair, he would finally have to touch her face, and he would bring her kindly to his lips, so that they could kiss with slow soft passion. After all, they would have all the
:iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 21 30
Happy Halloween 2009 by maybesomecake Happy Halloween 2009 :iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 11 21 Halloween Sketch by maybesomecake Halloween Sketch :iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 5 3 Special Rainbow by Lady-Poptart Special Rainbow :iconlady-poptart:Lady-Poptart 419 33 The Witch - Mimi by maybesomecake The Witch - Mimi :iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 31 35 Sleepy Time by dorky4ever Sleepy Time :icondorky4ever:dorky4ever 35 31 The Magician - Dimentio by maybesomecake The Magician - Dimentio :iconmaybesomecake:maybesomecake 28 27 MSC Contest: DIMIMI ON CRACK by dorky4ever MSC Contest: DIMIMI ON CRACK :icondorky4ever:dorky4ever 34 80 Road Trip... OF DOOM Part 3 by dorky4ever Road Trip... OF DOOM Part 3 :icondorky4ever:dorky4ever 78 77 Road Trip... OF DOOM Part 2 by dorky4ever Road Trip... OF DOOM Part 2 :icondorky4ever:dorky4ever 63 49 Cake is a Lie by dorky4ever Cake is a Lie :icondorky4ever:dorky4ever 147 204


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